Exhibition of the Tour's winners: black and white photographs by Anneke Kestelijn (10 March to 1 April)

Anneke Kestelijn, student at PCVO Dender & Schelde (Oudenaarde Department), selected this as the theme for her final project in Portrait Photography in 2016. An edition of “Vive le Velo” in the summer of 2015 and the fact that the 100th Tour of Flanders took place in 2016 inspired her to choose the subject of Tour winners. The results can be seen in an exhibition at Oudenaarde Town Hall, during the run-up to 2017's edition of the cycling classic par excellence, the Tour of Flanders. At least 20 strong, striking images of Tour winners from the history of Flanders' finest form a fascinating sporting and artistic whole. A surprising extra photo is also one of the possibilities …

Flandrien of Action Zoo Humain (23 March)

An ‘über-Flemish’ performance about cycling with Wim Willaert (Eigen Kweek, Offline, Red Sonja, Ex-Drummer), Mourade Zeguendi (Offline, Les Barons, De Vijfhoek), Tom Vermeir (A Brand, Kopergietery, Tg Ceremonia / Het Kip) and Zouzou Ben Chikha (Union Suspecte, Action Zoo Humain, Compagnie Cecilia).

“Flandrien has to be a homage, a portrait of an über-Flemish phenomenon. […] Everything that we find, or rather: everything that we look for in life, is in the race. Happiness and sadness, dreams and falls, heroism, but also personal dramas. That's what makes it so great. “ (Zouzou Ben Chikha in De Standaard)

On Thursday 23 March 2017 at 8.30pm in De Woeker. Tickets via www.dewoeker.be or via 055/30.13.66

Film screening “Jour de fête” by Jacques Tati in the Tour of Flanders Centre on Wednesday 16/03 at 8pm

Flemish Ardennes Cycle Courier – Fiets-Licht

Trained cyclists, who hit their top form during the Tour of Flanders, are ready to transport you with cycle taxis from the car parks to the centre of Oudenaarde and then to the finish zone – and back again of course. The taxis are free, but tips are always welcome!

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